red dressesI had so much fun at the Red Dress Collection show tonight (and fun at dinner and drinks before, and dessert and drinks after, too, which makes for one tired blogger on a self-imposed deadline). The event was full of new experiences (VIP seats, bling and makeup in my goody bag, the Graves 601 Hotel, seeing a real fashion show), but also familiar ones: hearing a survivor story and crying, or tearing up at the sight of rows of red dress bags on the chairs, pins on all the volunteers, and these amazing red dresses worn with joy and purpose on the runway. This kind of public support and commitment always moves me. I am tired, I am happy with my new red earrings, and I am grateful.

IMG_0741Seriously, how cool is this?

IMG_0760Carly Aplin of the CW Twin Cities, host and one of the founders of the Red Dress Collection show.

MariaSurvivor Maria Legatt telling her story. She did such a great job – so touching and inspiring,
and I could tell the crowd was really impacted.

IMG_0792This little girl has had seven open heart surgeries. So brave and beautiful.

IMG_0789My favorite dress of the show, worn by Rena Sarigianopoulos of Kare 11. Designed by Caroline Hayden.

IMG_0784I love the woman-power and joy in this moment.

Maria and DesignerMaria and her designer, Thom Navarro.

Jen and MariaMaria and me.

Jen and Kristen CroppedMy friend Kristen and me posing at the paparazzi backdrop.

And because photos are way more fun with editing effects:
Glam Kristen and Glam Jen, waiting for the show to begin:

kristen glam

jen Glam


  1. Maria Legatt says:

    It was cool to see you there. You were the only one I saw while walking. I think it was your hot dreaa!


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