At the risk of completely embarrassing myself, I’m sharing this video/commercial. You might recognize the representative heart attack survivor.

Seeing and hearing yourself on camera is never a girl’s favorite thing, but the Allina staff did a nice job with the messages on this prevention-oriented video. I’m very glad I got to say things about considering myself healthy, having no idea this was coming, and that my symptoms were not typical. I really think that message needs to get out in as many ways as possible.

This was aired during an hour-long program on cardiac health on Kare 11, our local NBC station. (You can see that program online if you are interested; I do think the segment on women is very good.)

Allina was one of the sponsors and thus had this longer promotional commercial placement. Apparently someone from cardiac rehab gave the marketing staff my name and voila, my 15 seconds of fame!


  1. Nice job, Jen.

  2. Jen, Thanks again for sharing your story. It was so great to meet you – you were fabulous in the video and I hope we have more opportunities to connect in the future. :)