Necessary Disclaimer

I am not a specialist, doctor, nurse, or exercise physiologist. I am not a chef or a nutritionist. I have no medical training whatsoever.

I’m just a person who’s had a heart attack and who is living with cardiovascular disease. I am an active patient engaged in learning about my own disease. I keep up with the news and with studies. Sometimes they relate to me, or make me think, or make me happy or angry or inspired. I have opinions and I write about them here. I might even recommend something — a recipe, an exercise plan — but I will never put myself out there as a medical expert.

Nothing in these pages should be construed asĀ a substitute for medical care or advice in any way. Please use your own judgment when evaluating the information I’ve presented and talk to your own doctor — as often as you need to — until you’ve found your own answers.


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