Dear friends, family &  readers,

This is pretty cool: The American Heart Association-Minnesota has, for the first time, teamed up with the Twin Cities Marathon to field a charity team!

Running for heart disease. Not sure it could get more perfect for me than that. I signed on right away, and then the AHA asked me to be the honorary chairperson. I am so thrilled to be a part of this team!

There are 17 members of our team, each one up for the challenge of 26.2 miles and a fundraising goal of at least $1,500 each. Not only will these runners put in more than 450 training miles this summer, they will raise money to fight heart disease at the same time!

I really wish I could join them for the whole distance, but my doctor said no more than 10 miles. So I’ll be running the TC 10 Mile that same day and cheering on the Run with Heart team — including my husband, Scott — when they arrive at the finish (or when they pass me, a distinct possibility).

The Run with Heart team has a combined goal of $25,000 for heart disease research, prevention, and awareness, so I bet you can guess what comes next: my request for your donation to our team in its fight against heart disease.

I hope you’ll help out in any way and any amount you can and it is fast and easy to donate onlineScott and I will match every donation we receive!

Thank you being a part of my life with heart disease. You have made it easier, better, and richer in experiences and in hope. See you at the race!


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