billboard and shelters

This month there is a picture of me on billboards and bus shelters in the Twin Cities.

Last August I posed for the photos with fellow heart survivors Angie and Jennifer, and this year’s Go Red fundraising chairperson, Andrea.Ā At one point during the photo shoot the communications director for the American Heart Association told the photographer to “make sure you get some horizontal shots, for the billboard” and we were all just a tad surprised. Billboards . . . okay . . . oh, and bus shelters, she said.

So now my kids figure I’m famous, and it is fun to hear from people that they saw me while on a trip or their regular commute.

If you are interested in seeing them (and I would love to have photos, especially if you are in it!), here are the locations:


  • I-494 eastbound, near airport and IKEA
  • 1-94 westbound, just outside of Rogers

Bus Shelters:

  • Washington Ave. S., northeast of 3rd St., Cedar Ave.
  • Washington Ave. N. northeast of 3rd Ave. N.
  • W. Lake St., southeast of Humboldt Ave. S.
  • S. 8th St. southwest of 11th Ave. S.
  • E. Lake St. northeast of 28th Ave. S.
  • E. Lake St. NE/O 3Rd Ave. S.
  • E. Franklin Ave. northeast of 24th Ave. S.
  • Hennepin Ave. S. northwest of W. 25th St.
  • E. 24th St. southeast of Portland Ave S
  • W. 7th St. northeast of Walnut St.
  • W. 7th St. northwest of 5th St. to Kellogg
  • W. 6th St. north of Wabasha to St. Peter St.
  • W. 6th St. east of Washington to W. 7th St.
  • Main St. southeast of 5th St.
  • University Ave. southeast of Berry St.


  1. I saw one! In downtown St. Paul after leaving Phoebe’s the other week. That was really cool.