Scott Pugh Collage

Meet another member of the American Heart Association’s Minnesota Run with Heart team: Scott Pugh!



Hometown/Current City

Crystal, MN / Rogers, MN

Number of Marathons

ZERO… 2013 TC Marathon will be my first.

Favorite Race Completed

2012 Twin Cities 10 Mile.

Favorite Location To Train

Back-country roads near where we live in Rogers.

Favorite Running Pump-Up Song

Nothing specific, but I tend to listen to country music.

My Running Secret

Paying well in advance for events helps keep me motivated as I hate wasting money.

Biggest Motivation for Long Runs

My biggest motivation of any run (training or official) is getting to the halfway point, knowing that my next step puts me closer to the finish line then the start line.

How has heart disease touched you?

I have known many that were affected by heart disease but three specific people have motivated me to run the marathon with the Run with Heart team.

I had one grandfather from each side die from heart disease when I was very young. Although I remember most of their life lessons through pictures, it was my time with these two gentle giants playing the card game war and learning about their gardens that I remember most.

Early in 2012 I was having some back issues when I called my families long time chiropractor. It was at that time that I learned he was not only having issues with his heart but that he was taken from us due to complications. It seemed as though the very week I learned about his tragedy my back started to feel better which pushed me to getting in better shape with an ultimate bucket list goal of running a marathon. With small stepping stones along the way, completing the TC 10 mile in 2012 one of them it was decided that I would finally cross marathon off my bucket list in 2013.

Why is running important to you?

Being an athlete for most of my life through college I thrive on competition, whether that is in a team or individual environment. In my opinion there is no better way to compete than to run a marathon. Not only are you competing against others but also yourself (mental aspect) to complete something that only .5% of the US population has completed. It won’t be easy but knowing that there are people suffering from heart complications, among other health issues, who can’t physically run a mile, let alone a marathon, motivates me to do it for them while also maintaining a healthy life.

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