Jen Summer 2014 intrepidToday is the third anniversary of the day that I ceased to be me, just me, and became me, the survivor. And what’s extraordinary about today is that it was totally, in every way, ordinary.

I worked (at home; no childcare today).

I made breakfast and lunch for my boys.

I escorted a tentative new bike rider to the park.

I went for an 18-mile ride along the Mississippi and around the lakes on a perfect summer evening.

I read the news, unable to tear my eyes from the news from Ferguson, Missouri.

I texted with my mom and sent my husband to the grocery store.

I drank a beer on the deck in the waning August light.

They say time heals all wounds, and while that’s not technically true, it does broaden a girl’s perspective. Three years ago I had no idea who I would become, who this new me would be and I wondered about that, aloud and alone.

Today, I do know her, and I like her. Respect her. Am proud of her. Today, I was just me again. Me, the mom. Me, a professional. Me, a wife, a daughter, a friend. Ordinary, regular, survivor-in-training me.

So then it was three, and that’s extraordinary.


  1. YOU are extraordinary. Im blessed to be your aunt. Love your words. Love you! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy 3rd Heart-iversary to you, Jen! ♡

  3. Happy 3rd Anniversary! I just passed my 5th. Your words are so true. Wishing you health and happiness! ♥

  4. Jen,
    This is wonderful to hear. It really is the little things that we just want to continue doing. We now have a better appreciation for ordinary days, which to survivors are extraordinary because we know any day can be the last so we just keep fighting and living!

  5. Brooke Darst Rice says:

    Wow!!! Angie just send a message with this link asking if I wanted to be on Team Red for the YW Women’s Tri. I’m excited to get to know you. This post is amazing. YES!