Amy Batchelder CollageMeet another member of the American Heart Association’s Minnesota Run with Heart team: Amy Batchelder!


Amy Batchelder



Hometown/Current City

Whitefish Bay, WI/St. Louis Park, MN

Number of Marathons

Two (Both Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon)

Favorite Race Completed

Women Run the Cities along the Mississippi River.

Favorite Location To Train

Chain of Lakes, mainly Lake Harriet.

Favorite Running Pump-Up Song

Anything by Blacked Eye Peas or Hood Internet mixes mainly with Daft Punk

My Running Secret

Just keep swimming! Running is very mental and sometimes I play the game better than others but it’s staying positive and continuing to put one step in front of the other. Also, remembering all the people I run for and AHA has provided me so much inspiration.

Biggest Motivation for Long Runs

Laying down and resting or not feeling guilty about eating or drinking certain foods.

How has heart disease touched you?

My grandpa died at 43 years old due to a heart attack. Also, my grandma died during a procedure to clean her heart three years ago. She died two days before my first marathon.

Why is running important to you?

I’ve been running since high school but it’s very sporadic as I enjoy many other sports, biking,and soccer. As life has gotten more busy I enjoy the time alone to think and let my mind go blank. It’s an excellent way to relieve stress and work through any personal/professional issues I’ve been dealing with that day or week. Nothing is better than the endorphins running through your body after a run. It’s amazing how contagious it can be and the additional energy I have to be more productive. Lastly, I run for my grandma. After her passing days before my first marathon I’ve dedicated most of my runs to her.

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