Thomas Braun Collage

Meet another member of the American Heart Association’s Minnesota Run with Heart team: Thomas Braun – Coach Tom!


Thomas Braun



Hometown/Current City

La Grange, Illinois

Number of Marathons


Favorite Race Completed

The Soldier Field 10 miler. This is run on the Saturday before Memorial Day. The opening ceremony is very inspiring. Finish line is on the 50 yard line of the home field of  THE CHICAGO BEARS.

Favorite Location To Train

I do my marathon training at Waterfall Glenn. It is a 9.5 mile hilly, limestone trail.

Favorite Running Pump-Up Song

I do not listen to music when I run.

My Running Secret

Don’t know of any secrets. Secrets imply that there are short cuts to marathon training. There are no secrets,  you just need to go out and run. I follow a program which incorporates 4 days of running with one day of a long run.

Biggest Motivation for Long Runs

I run with a group so that is motivation enough. I am a group leader so I always need to be upbeat. It is never too hot or rainy or humid.

How has heart disease touched you?

My wife is a 30-year volunteer for the Midwest chapter of the AHA.  She has served on a number of boards. Both of my parents died of heart disease. I like to think that I am a heart disease victim.  It would appear that heart disease is in my family. My parents led a very sedentary lifestyle, smoked, and were overweight.  I am trying to avoid all three of these.

Why is running important to you?

Running keeps me active and healthy. It is also a release for me. I was talking to my son one day and told him he needed to calm down. He had just gotten a promotion at work and was beginning to stress out. I told him to try to relax and said I was wound tight like him when I was younger.  He responded with ” I guess that is why you run . . .”

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