I hope everyone has seen this funny and really, far too realistic video, produced by Go Red for Women, the American Heart Association’s women’s heart health campaign.

The day of my heart attack started as a totally normal day, and I expected normalcy to resume at any moment (hmm, still waiting). I called Scott from the ER to make sure Owen’s rain gear was packed for camp. I called again from the ICU to give instructions on what to pack for Noah’s trip to my brother’s house while I was in the hospital. I emailed work colleagues after surgery. At the time it didn’t seem real. My head seemed to be the last thing to catch on.

Please watch and share this video, then check out the warning signs of a heart attack. It’s not always what you think.


  1. Jen, this is a great video!! I’m going to share it with my family and friends!
    Heather Cordes

  2. Awesome.

  3. Hello Jen – you might be interested in health journalism watchdog Gary Schwitzer’s trashing of this fabulous little film on his Health News Review site, entitled: “Disease-Mongering Du Jour: Young Women & Heart Disease”. He apparently objects to the AHA casting a 37 year old woman in this film because that age is simply too young for women to have a heart attack! Despite facts, figures and stats in a dozen or more comments from real-life young women heart patients objecting to his accusation that this was merely “Disease-Mongering”, Gary held fast to his views until he summarily announced he was closing the post to further comments.

    I wrote more about this, including links to Forebes and Cardiobrief (which had picked up the original article in case you want to leave your own comment there as a young survivor yourself!) – http://myheartsisters.org/2011/10/12/mansplaining/


  4. Thank you Carolyn! I left a comment on Cardiobrief.