This February I shared nine ways you can Go Red during American Heart Month (and beyond) to make a difference for yourself and others. This series will provide more information and resources on each of them. Today’s post: Get connected.

Get connected to heart disease information and resources

I started this blog just a few days after getting home from the hospital after my first heart attack. I actually started it just so I could have one place to share news with everyone and avoid repeating myself over and over. Then it became a place for me to record all I was learning. A few months later it connected me with my first online heart sisters — Lynn, Carolyn, and Jodi.

That’s when I realized that writing and reading and connecting online were all part of learning to live my life in red. So it doesn’t surprise me that nearly 90 percent of women who join Go Red for Women make at least one positive change toward a heart-healthy life.

Here are several places to find support, information, research, news, stories, and resources. Get connected.

Go Red for Women
The Heart Truth
Barbra Streisand Women’s Heart Health Center
Cleveland Clinic Heart and Vascular Institute


  1. Thanks so much Jen for including me on this helpful list of resources! :-)

    By the way, I’m quoting you in an upcoming HEART SISTERS blog post. Stay tuned…