Did you know today is National Start Eating Healthy Day? I didn’t either, but thankfully not too much of the day has passed and I didn’t eat unhealthy yet. Phew.

But seriously, in honor of today – a campaign of the American Heart Association – here are some eating healthy resources I like.

  • 25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods” – featuring lots of my favorites and some I’ve never had before, like guava. Was sad not to see pumpkin on this list, but maybe it’s time for a new obsession.
  • Ā “Superfoods Everyone Needs” – from another favorite site, WebMD. (WebMD has also helped me when I freak out about drug interactions and the dozen pills I take a day.)
  • Allrecipes.com – this is not a diet/health focused site, but it is my go-to site when I have an ingredient I know I should use, like kale, tofu, or salmon, and I’m looking for inspiration. Read the reviews for modification suggestions and then use the recipe as a guide. I’ve found many favorites, new and old, here.
  • The World’s Healthiest Foods” – a website with exhaustive information about the nutritional benefits of foods, down to the most obscure micronutrient you’ve never heard of. Just search “Nutritional benefits of . . . “

I hope you are inspired to start eat healthy today and keep it that way. Eating right is one of the best ways to prevent heart disease, and take it from me, you really do want to prevent it. Once you have it, you always will.