My sons’ school participates in Jump Rope for Heart every year. The children learn about heart health, jump rope for as long as they can (in our school it is a gym class unit), and raise money for the American Heart Association.

This year, Jump Rope for Heart is a big deal to my 10-year-old, “because, you know, you had a heart attack Mom.”

Owen figured he had a pretty persuasive fundraising argument and could raise a lot of money, so he set his goal at $1,000. With five days left to go, he’s at $850. My husband and I have decided to match whatever he raises.

Here is the text that Owen wrote on his fundraising webpage, of which he is extraordinarily proud: 
Hello again! I would like to introduce myself. I’m Owen.  I want to tell you a little about me. First of all I am doing my homework so I have to get this done fast:
  • I’m 10 yrs. old
  • I have a little brother[Noah]
  • My Mom had a heart attack last summer!
I hope you will donate to support the American Heart Association. My fundraising goal is $1000. The money is used to help other people keep their hearts healthy.
I have donated $71 of my own money already. My mom and dad are going to match any donations I get.
P.S. “Please donate!”

Who can say no to that? It was so rewarding and humbling to work with Owen on his fundraising goal, an email to family, and his web page. He was so mature, so generous, so idealistic, so young. He smiled and hugged and wanted to check over and over to see if any donations came in. He couldn’t wait to tell his gym teacher.

Of him I am extraordinarily proud.

If you’d like to donate, check out Owen’s personal fundraising page or support a child you know doing Jump Rope for Heart.