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Her name was Mary Jean and she leaned over to talk to me as I waited for orientation on my first day of cardiac rehab. “Will you be joining us?” she said. “Yes,” I said. “I had a heart attack last Sunday, and I left the hospital on Wednesday.” “Oh,” she said, and paused. I […]

A simple question, really. But it has taken me three days to try to answer it. The question came in a one-line email from a friend I haven’t seen since I was a teenager. It also came at a time when I was feeling, well, miserable. So I didn’t answer. (Sorry!) Here’s the weird thing: I really feel […]

Yes, you read that right. I’m 37, a woman, a marathon runner, a healthy cook. I’m in shape with a normal BMI, an active, healthy, young(ish) mom of two. I’m not even stressed out. And I had a heart attack on Saturday night, late, maybe Sunday morning. It’s hard to tell, since it wasn’t diagnosed until I was […]