I’ve actually never let my blog go unattended for so long before, and I’m sorry! I really do miss writing and hearing from readers. In addition to the couple dozen started-but-never-published posts stored in my drafts folder, here’s what I’ve been up to since my last post, in no particular order. Started running every day. […]

I never met a microphone I didn’t like, and the microphone, stage, and crowd last Saturday at the Minnesota’s Red Dress Collection fashion show did not disappoint. I got to wear a designed-for-me gown by Thom Navarro, get made beautiful by Lili Salon Spa hair and makeup artists, and be adorned with gems by Realia by […]

This year I am serving as a national spokeswoman for Go Red for Women, and in that role I was asked to contribute an article to the Huffington Post. As I thought about what I wanted women — and everyone really — to know about heart disease, I landed on what is perhaps the most […]

So far in my life I’ve experienced two life-altering traumas. Having a heart attack at age 37 was actually the second. The first, and in some ways far more profound, was the birth of my son 9 weeks premature and weighing only 1 lb. 13 oz. He spent 56 days in the NICU and we […]

I love reading end of the year lists. I like the moment of contemplation, however fleeting, they inspire. These are the top 10 most-read posts from 2014, and I especially like the story they tell about me and what it’s like to live my life in red in the third full year since surviving a […]

Last June I spent three days in Los Angeles being dressed up and made up and interviewed and photographed as one of the Go Red for Women Real Women. I took all these photos and then kept them under wraps for months as the release of the “Class of 2015” was embargoed until late September. […]

Have I got a story to tell you. It’s one I couldn’t talk about for a while — embargoed they say in the PR business. But now it’s released and official and real: I am a 2015 Go Red for Women national spokesperson. One of the “Go Red for Women Real Women, Class of 2015.” […]

A few days after my first heart attack my brother came to visit me and went with me on my of my doctor-prescribed walks. We talked about running and genetics and why this happened and what it all means, and he said something super eerie, but nonetheless true: “Well, all I can do is be […]

If you start running for health or because it is on your bucket list (or to lose baby weight like I did, seven years ago), the first question, real or in your head, is always “are you going to run a 5K?” Once you’ve done that, the question becomes “how about a half?” and when you’ve […]

Today is the third anniversary of the day that I ceased to be me, just me, and became me, the survivor. And what’s extraordinary about today is that it was totally, in every way, ordinary. I worked (at home; no childcare today). I made breakfast and lunch for my boys. I escorted a tentative new […]