Did you know that high blood pressure during pregnancy is very highly correlated with heart disease later in life? I didn’t either, until after my heart attack. Not sure the ER doctors or possibly even the cardiologist I first saw that day were aware of this critical risk factor. When I was pregnant with my […]

I met Maria at the first Go Red for Women event that I spoke at, last November. She came right up to me and said she’d been reading my blog and wanted to meet me. (Fellow bloggers know how thrilling that is!) We talked for a while and she asked about my kids and how […]

Last week the American Heart Association-Minnesota held a volunteer appreciation event — an after-work happy hour in a pretty hotel lobby bar. I went because I’m a volunteer and because they gave me a Volunteer Impact Award for my work this year as Go Red spokesperson, ambassador, speaker, and even for this blog. It was […]

Earlier this week, my son informed me that I’m famous. But then he thought a minute and asked “did you want to be famous?” I said no, not for having a heart attack, but I want to talk about it so other people know more about heart disease. That made sense to him. So here I […]

The first time I saw this video, I wasn’t sure I liked it. So dark, moody, gritty. Is that really the right message to be sending? But then I really, really liked it, and the reason surprised me. I liked it because it’s angry. Because this isn’t right, and isn’t fair, and shouldn’t happen to […]

This year marks 10 years of Wear Red Day and Go Red for Women! This American Heart Association-Minnesota video shows how far we have come in the fight against heart disease. And how far we have to go.

Last week I recorded this public service announcement with Twin Cities Fox 9 morning anchor Alix Kendall. (And while I’m getting more comfortable with the camera, I still have a ways to go!) This will air on open commercial slots on Fox 9 and my29, which means probably late at night and early morning. Best […]

A few weeks ago Scott and I were interviewed for a Go Red for Women video, to be used at a fundraising event later this month. Here’s the trailer.  (I’m not in it; this is to maintain the mystery, I’m told.) I won’t see the full video until I’m sitting right in the audience with […]

Ten years after its founding, Go Red for Women has raised women’s awareness of their #1 killer by 23 percent, saving more than 330 women per day from death by heart disease.

“One out of two of you women will be impacted by cardiovascular disease in your lifetime. It is the leading killer of women and closely held secret, for reasons I don’t know.” This is a great TedTalk at TedX Women by Dr. C. Noel Bairey Merz, titled “The single biggest health threat women face.” What […]