Earlier this week, my son informed me that I’m famous. But then he thought a minute and asked “did you want to be famous?”┬áI said no, not for having a heart attack, but I want to talk about it so other people know more about heart disease. That made sense to him.

So here I am, in my moment of fame, and here you go, if you’d like to watch it.

This is the American Heart Association thank you video that was sent to the people who attended the luncheon and to donors. It uses video we shot the same day as the full personal story video (which you can see here, if you missed it). I like what I say here.

This is me on Kare 11 News on January 31.

This is the Fox 9 News Heart Smart Special that aired on February 1 (National Wear Red Day). I think they did a good job with this piece, which was a half hour long. It really hit the topics I think most people need to know about, and I appreciate heart disease getting that much airtime. (I also got spotted today by a stranger who said: “did I see you on TV!” Too bad Owen wasn’t with me.)

And this is the Fox 9 public service announcement, running periodically this month.

I was also on the radio, which I liked very much. One story was recorded by the Public News Service (sort of like the Associated Press for radio), and played all over Minnesota, North Dakota, and Iowa. You can read it here, or listen to the audio.

Last Saturday I talked with Olivia and Twila from Pop Life, a morning show on myTalk 107.1. I also appreciate the airtime they gave to women’s heart health, and it was fun to talk with them. (I went to college with Twila, so it was fun to reconnect with her!) You can hear the audio here. (I was in the second hour.)

Thank you for watching. Please spread the news.