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Today was a pretty big day around here. The long-scheduled day when the American Heart Association communications team would interview me (and my husband) for a Go Red for Women video in our own living room. Our boys were filmed with us, doing regular family things like playing outside, eating a snack, and playing a game. […]

I bought a big, beautiful cauliflower at the farmer’s market on Saturday. I love roasted cauliflower so much that when I saw this recipe on Closet Cooking, I wanted to try making it heart healthy right away. I made this for lunch today – for just me. Easy and delicious! Roasted Cauliflower and Mushroom Soup […]

There is so much to say about living with heart disease. It’s medical. It’s emotional. Physical. Mental. It’s about food. Exercise. Nutrition. Awareness. Research, medication, procedures, surgery. It’s about life and loss and broken hearts. Hope and goals. Empowerment and letting go. The idea of writing about heart disease from A to Z occurred to […]

I’m excited and honored to report that I’m now a syndicated blogger! I’m the newest blogger for Sister to Sister: The Women’s Heart Health Foundation. Founded in 1999, Sister to Sister works to prevent heart disease in women through programming, education, awareness, and outreach. Their portal myHeartHealth includes assessment tools, information on diet and exercise, […]

So this happened too. Three weeks after my brother’s heart attack and 13 months after my own, I was back in the OR, prepped for another angioplasty, getting another stent. Because heart disease is not a dramatic, one-time, life-altering, something-that-happened-to-me-once-isn’t-that-interesting thing. It is a lifelong, chronic illness that will strike whenever it damn well pleases. […]

On August, 27, one year and two weeks after my heart attack, my younger brother Mike had one too. He is 32. While we all knew we inherited this risk, none of us really believed it would happen. Better to just consider my heart attack some kind of freakish, one-time event; that just made more […]