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February is American Heart Month, and to celebrate, I’ve set a goal of one blog post per day! (I’ve also set a goal of working out every single day too, but that one’s harder to share.) Some of the posts will feature photos and remarks from heart month events and presentations I am making to […]

This year marks 10 years of Wear Red Day and Go Red for Women! This American Heart Association-Minnesota video shows how far we have come in the fight against heart disease. And how far we have to go.

Last week I recorded this public service announcement with Twin Cities Fox 9 morning anchor Alix Kendall. (And while I’m getting more comfortable with the camera, I still have a ways to go!) This will air on open commercial slots on Fox 9 and my29, which means probably late at night and early morning. Best […]

Yesterday was one of those roller coasters: punch-to-the-gut emotional lows followed by relief, support, and happy-tears highs. Seriousness of purpose, silliness in feathers. Ladies who lunch. Women on a mission. The Go Red for Women Luncheon. I had a job to do at this luncheon. I was the survivor story. There was a video about […]

February is American Heart Month and February 1 is National Wear Red Day, which raises awareness about women’s risk of heart disease. Say it with me now: Heart disease is the #1 killer of American women, killing more women than the next five causes of death combined, including all forms of cancer. If you want […]

A few weeks ago Scott and I were interviewed for a Go Red for Women video, to be used at a fundraising event later this month. Here’s the trailer. Ā (I’m not in it; this is to maintain the mystery, I’m told.) I won’t see the full video until I’m sitting right in the audience with […]

Ten years after its founding, Go Red for Women has raised women’s awareness of their #1 killer by 23 percent, saving more than 330 women per day from death by heart disease.