I’m a sucker for a good infographic, and this one is fun! If you read this blog (or live anywhere but under a rock), you know that exercise, good food, and rest are essential to your health. But did you know how good for you laughter is? Scroll down to find out.

A few highlights that jumped out at me:

– 15 minutes of laughing is a good for your heart as 90 minutes of exercise! (Whoa, skip spin class and have your funny friend over instead? Um, twist my arm.)

– People who participate in laughter sessions twice a month lower their blood pressure. (What’s a laughter session? Where can I sign up?)

– A preschooler laughs or smiles 400 times per day. By the time he’s 35, that number has dropped to 35 times per day. (Pooh.)

Read on and enjoy, and then find something to laugh about.

Laughter Infographic