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He’s a distance runner. Just like me. A parent. Just like me. A spouse. Just like me. A sibling. Just like me. He’s young. Just like me. Younger, even, than me. He had no risk factors, other than high cholesterol and family history. Just like me. He continued running. Just like me. The first mile […]

Today is World Heart Day, organized by the World Heart Federation. (I will be celebrating by joining my first-ever Twitter chat at noon central time. Follow @thehearttruth and #HeartChat if you’d like to join in.) The focus this year is on women and children and cardiovascular disease. I’m so pleased to see this issue continue […]

Here are American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women real women’s stories of 2012. So many of them so like much like mine. I’m glad to hear the message focusing on all the different kinds of heart attack symptoms women may experience. They are not what you’d expect, and that makes awareness and vigilance even […]

I’m a sucker for a good infographic, and this one is fun! If you read this blog (or live anywhere but under a rock), you know that exercise, good food, and rest are essential to your health. But did you know how good for you laughter is? Scroll down to find out. A few highlights […]