If you are one of the millions like me named Jennifer, you know the Jenny song. You know, “Jenny, I got your number. I’m gonna make you mine. Jenny, don’t change your number . . . 867-5309 ee i en.” That one.

(Once at a work/social event for my husband, the band asked if anyone was named Jenny. To my mortification, Scott’s hand shot up as he shouted “My wife!!” And that’s how I ended up on stage in front of all his co-workers and bosses and a bunch of strangers. Not cool.)

But this is pretty cool. Plenty campy, but nonetheless fun. “Jenny please know your numbers, blood pressure, lipids, and BMI ee i ee.” I had to share it.

Mayo Clinic is using this video to promote its free Facebook app that makes it easy to know your numbers and your potential. Check it out.


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