The start of a new school year is the perfect time to get back into a healthy schedule — enough rest, enough exercise, healthy food, and good habits. Starting tomorrow, the EmpowerMEnt Challenge of the American Heart Association calls on families to start preventing heart disease in the next generation — right now and at home.

Here’s how it works: during the month of September, families are encouraged to pursue a different healthy goal each week, including:

  • Empower your Cart (how to shop fresh and healthy, and on a budget)
  • Empower your Glass (soda and juice = empty calories. What could you drink instead?)
  • Empower your Taste (help with new foods and kids, especially picky eaters. Yes please!)
  • Empower your Movement (screens down, laces up)

My family will be joining the challenge — school, menu planning, and dinners at home can’t come soon enough. Will you join us? Find out more at the American Heart Association’s Healthier Kids website, or join the challenge on Facebook for tips, resources, and stories. I’ll share resources and stories over the course of the month as well.

Power up for healthier kids!


  1. Hi Jen – love, love, love this campaign! It’s just one month, achievable family goals each week, with the potential to plant some creative seeds that may result in permanent awareness and behavioural change.

    I have this enduring memory of watching a Mum pour Coke into her baby’s bottle while I was in the Minneapolis airport several years ago. I’m hoping that parents like this will come across this Challenge and use it to kickstart some small but important steps to change their kids’ future.

    Thanks so much for sharing this info….


  2. Thanks for the wonderful write up! We can’t wait to heart your about your family’s success this month. Be empowered!