The first time I saw this video, I wasn’t sure I liked it. So dark, moody, gritty. Is that really the right message to be sending?

But then I really, really liked it, and the reason surprised me. I liked it because it’s angry. Because this isn’t right, and isn’t fair, and shouldn’t happen to us, to me, to anyone. Because sometimes, underneath the can-do, I’ll-do-exactly-what-I’m-supposed-to, girl-power, fund-raising, spokes-womaning, turned-this-crap-into-a-positive Jen, I’m pretty damn pissed off about it all.

So I like the anger here, the brooding, the fear. I love that the women are young and that they are doing something subversive, looking behind their backs as if they’ll get caught.

And at the end, I love the joy, the smiles. As if they are thinking: I did this. I did that. I am and I do and things don’t have to just happen to me.

Girl power, go-red style. Love.


  1. I’m with you, Jen. At first – not sure of the whole grrl power thing here. But by the end, I loved it. The explosion of red cascading from the rooftops was thrilling!

    When I do presentations about women’s heart disease – to (mostly) female audiences – I love to see younger (20-40) women in the room. We know that for so many of us, heart disease is 20-30 years in the making. Yet I despair when I read emerging researching linking significantly increased heart disease risk with the combo of smoking-and-birth control pills – and then I look around and see who fits this demographic: young women! They have no clue.

    We need to reach younger women, however that reach looks. That’s why you are such an important spokeswoman for this cause. You’re one of them! They will listen to you!

    Keep up the great work!