Lisa Jen Rhonda Betty Papparazzi wallHave I got a story to tell you.

It’s one I couldn’t talk about for a while — embargoed they say in the PR business. But now it’s released and official and real: I am a 2015 Go Red for Women national spokesperson. One of the “Go Red for Women Real Women, Class of 2015.”

The Real Women share their stories online, in the media, via video, and in person across the country to raise awareness about women’s risk for heart disease.

But first, we get to meet each other, dress up in red, and be photographed and filmed and fussed over. Here I am with three of my new eight heart sisters — Lisa, Rhonda, and Betty — at the Beverly Hilton hotel in June. (Yes, June. That’s a long time to wait.) We were posing with a mural of paparazzi, having fun and laughing like girls at summer camp. We’d been together only two days, but two days is all it takes when you wear your hearts on your sleeves — when each woman’s story brings us all to tears because we know; we know the fear and the anger and the loss, the acceptance and the love and the hope. We are sisters, immediately. Because we lived, and because we know.

And we’re also just us, sharing pictures of our kids and checking work email on our phones and enjoying the experience of being “the talent.” Dressed by stylists, made up by artists, photographed and interviewed, and waited on by craft services. Waiting around for hours in a pinned-up dress, getting touched up by makeup under the hot lights. It was a fun adventure, full of high heels and tears and hugs and hairspray, and there’s so much to share.

For now, however, a few pictures:

S04_Jennifer_Thorson_0197-EditMy official portrait, taken by the talented and amazing Robin Layton.

Big_Group_01_1109-Edit-v2All of us together, with Laura Bell Bundy, actress and singer. Left to right: Veronica, Lisa, Miriam, Deb, Rhonda, Amanda, Laura, Julia, Betty, me.

Go Red Group Rhonda Julia Veronica Jen Miriam Lisa Amanda BettyLess official, taken with my phone, but I love this one. 

Jen Deb Amanda Lisa Betty RhondaOn our way to dinner after a long day under the lights. I have a new appreciation for actors and models. 

Happy HourReal women everywhere love a good lobby bar.

BettyIt is impossible to do anything but smile around Betty.

RhondaWe might need a whole post on how awesome Rhonda Hall is. I’m one of her many fans.

Beverly HiltonThe Beverly Hilton is where the Golden Globes are held.

Beverly Hilton PoolIt is very pretty.

GlamourAnd shiny.

Room ServiceYes please.

Beverly Hills Sign


  1. Wow! Wow! And did I mention – – – WOW!!!! Congrats (on keeping the secret for so long) and for being selected for the honour of being one of the Class of 2015. Love these wonderful photos!

    Enjoy every minute…. :-)

  2. Carolyn Tonneson says:

    They did a great job in picking the right women. No one could possibly do a better job of PR than you, Jen. You look mah-velous, by the way!

  3. Val Broste says:

    What a wonderful “calling”. You have so much to offer to other women with heart disease and to women who know nothing (like myself) about heart disease. Enjoy your new group of eight sisters!

  4. Carol Ann Sander says:

    Not that you would have wished for this disease, but you’ve turned it into a great opportunity to educate others: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. You go, girl!