Heart Month 2013

Welcome to the archives of the post-a-day project during American Heart Month, February 2013.

Today is the last day of February! I will actually miss this post-a-day project, though I will be happy to take a day or two break.  Today’s author is an online heart friend I met after she found my blog in its early days. We later discovered we have much in common: being mom to […]

High blood pressure, the silent killer. High blood pressure often has no symptoms at all. The only way to know your risk is to have it taken frequently and know what’s right for your body. If it is too high, reduce your salt intake, increase your exercise, and talk to your doctor. What you don’t […]

Being overweight is a separate risk factor from high blood pressure, or diabetes, or even physical inactivity, and it is not a fun one to talk about (as if any of them are). But being overweight (which I have been) always feels more like its about everything else — how I look, how I feel […]

Jodi and I started along this heart attack journey at about the same time, a few states and many miles apart, finding each other months later through the sisterhood of heart blogging and reading the web at midnight. Jodi survived a massive “widow-maker” heart attack at age 42, and after recovering from the stun she […]

Today’s author, Andy Steiner, was my first professional boss. She was editor of the Minnesota Women’s Press when I started there as an intern right out of college. We only worked together a few months, but it was long enough to make an impression — I was then and I am now impressed and inspired […]

Today’s author is a long-time colleague, friend, and neighbor. Rand and I worked together for years, we live within blocks, and we’ve kept in touch, professionally and personally, as the jobs change and the kids grow. When I started shouting about heart disease from the rooftops, Rand asked to meet for lunch or coffee. He, […]

Physical inactivity is a separate risk factor from being overweight or having diabetes, though it is certainly involved with those issues. You could be thin and still at risk for heart disease. Exercise just makes sense. It is going to lower your stress levels, improve your strength, strengthen your cardiovascular system, and probably help you […]

This guest author is the first heart sister I found after my heart attack. Looking online for anything that would help me make sense of what happened to me, I found Carolyn Thomas’ blog, Heart Sisters, and discovered her amazing in-depth research articles about women and heart disease. Carolyn is a speaker, advocate, certified health […]

I have been wanting to use that post title for a long time! I love a good cheesy pun. After my heart attack we almost completely eliminated red meat from our family menu, and began substituting ground turkey for ground beef in favorites like spaghetti and meatballs or tacos  . . . you know, foods kids like. […]

I’m so excited to share several guest posts from friends, family, colleagues, and fellow heart sisters over the next few days. And even more excited that the first one is from my sister, Anna. Although my brother, sister, and I share the same family history and distressingly high lipid profiles, Anna has not had a […]